Saturday, July 16, 2016

Treat your tastebuds!

Some of my favorite recipes lately...  mmm yum!

Here is a version of a sandwich I had while visiting Baltimore. As you can see in the picture the ingredients don't exactly match but you can put anything with the mushrooms and it is delicious! Below is what we happily consumed originally:

Balsamic and olive oil marinated Portobello Mushrooms, salt and peppered (grill on the BBQ for 3 minutes each side)
Fresh basil
Goat cheese
Creamy Sauce 
Pita with a little butter for grilling

Peanut Sauce! This is so easy to make and you can fix it Thai style or Ghanese. Here it is served as a "swimming rama" Thai dish with rice, spinach, chicken and crushed peanuts. My friend at work taught me to cook it - emphasizing slowly heating. She prepares it with quinoa and cooks it in a crock-pot with red and yellow bell peppers. You will need:

Creamy organic peanut butter with no added ingredients
Spices (I like fresh ginger and garlic, curry, a pinch of cinnamon, cumin, and corriander)
Water (and a little soy sauce if Thai style)
Add small amounts of peanut butter and water incrementally to the pot, cooking on low heat and constantly stirring. The mixture will slowly thicken and you can control the thickness with the added water. Add spices to flavor.

Coconut Banana Bread ALMOST sugar free and SO good! I get away with 1/4 cup honey too.

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