Thursday, October 22, 2015

Run+Donut = Runonut

 Highly recommended.  Brenton and I did a trail run through extended Cornell Plantations this afternoon.  It was the perfect fall day, fresh and crisp, still warm, beautiful colors and good company.  We went about 5 miles straddling the golden forest and occasionally popping out to farm land. It is just great being able to run across farm country roads.  I love it. I don't have any photos unfortunately because I left my phone in the car but imagine a field full of tall grasses or corn or some other crop and running along side it on a soft dirt trail.  It is to die for running!

I've been reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and it has really got me thinking about how my foot is landing on the surface. He argues that comfy thick soled shoes cause injuries rather than prevent them because they change the way our foot hits the ground.  We can take longer strides, but we strike harshly against our heel compressing all the muscles and ligaments adding strain where it hasn't been accounted for.  He says our foot is like a bridge, built to distribute load as long as it is applied in the appropriate places, that is the toe ball of our foot. Shorter strides; legs, butt, back aligned, avoid striking the heel.

Nearly two years ago, Sarah and I ran the Seattle Marathon.  I thought is was an amazing experience but I could really feel the strain on my right foot and left knee.  After we finished the race it took me about a week to walk normally again my joints were so stiff. I swore off long distances. But now, after reading this book, and discovering this magical running loop, the dream is rekindling.  Who knows? Maybe I could it again.  Or maybe a combination event, triathlon perhaps?

We ended our hike/run through the woods with a drive to Dryden in search for fresh donuts and apple cider.  We found Hollenbeck Cider Mill, where they press apples and serve samples right from the stream of cider.  We also loved the donuts :)   And, last but not least, homemade bread from Melissa Clark with fresh apples, craisins, and walnuts. Great for breakfast and Sunday night snacks!

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