Thursday, February 5, 2015

from Chicago

In September, I ended an eight month study-trip through Europe.  My last stop was Chicago to see Millennium Park and Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor (The Bean). This was a special ending because it was a real life example of my thesis topic: engaging and playful place making in public space. This park used art as an interactive attraction. 

I sat and watched the kids playing and adults chatting and interacting with the space but more importantly with each other. The park provided a venue for people to relax, and take a moment to take a break. The art had transformed the space: Millennium Park was a destination for social activity. 

Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa

The kids LOVE this water plane!

Cloudgate by Anish Kapoor

A reflection of the city - the object starts to disappear and the subject becomes the individual

A constant exchange of people 

Frank Gehry's Jay Fischer Pavilion across from the Bean

Jeanne Gang's Aqua Tower

Carbide and Carbon Building by Durnham Brother's, the sons of Chicago's famous Daniel Burnham 

Chicago's Architecture Tour via boat ride

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