Thursday, September 18, 2014

Norway (Part 2)

As we drove further North, I was struck by the similarity to the San Juan Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. The air became heavy with rain, just like an autumn morning on Decatur Island. I love stepping onto the front deck and taking a deep breath, sucking in the wonderful smells of the ocean. Ah, feels like home. The colors turned to lime green and grey, with a blue tint from the looming ocean. The water moved with its uncontrollable force, swallowing up all the creatures that live beneath. 

After we drove the Atlantic road, we returned inland to a more familiar Norwegian landscape. Is this photo not surreal? How can it be more beautiful than this. 

Camping and cooking, I swear food never tasted so good after long days of exploration. 

Romsdalseggen Hike from the town of Andalsnes

those colors!

Last stop in Europe - the beautiful city of Bergen

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