Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ithaca is Gorges

Ithaca is familiar. It is like the lovely town of Bellingham just two hours north of Seattle. I did my bachelors in Bellingham, and now Brenton is studying for his Master's in BioMed Engineering in this little town 4.5 hours northwest of New York City. It is good for us, getting out of the pacific northwest to live in a new part of this great country, where no one knows Pike Place or the Sculpture Park or the Space Needle. I am finishing my Master's in Seattle but Ithaca see you in January, see you in white. 

Farmer's market

river from Cayuga finger lake

Weill Hall where Brenton studies

Cornell campus on the hill 

bomb waffle maker and local maple syrup - our welcome home present

Gorges Gorges Gorges

Ithaca summer's night

Apartment at the back of the house - built in 1877 

swimming in Seneca Lake - finger lake

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