Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Giants Roam

New York City. One place that contains about a million places within itself. It is overwhelming or so exciting. I have not made up my mind which ---  but I had a great time wondering the streets seeing some very special architecture.

Canyons of concrete

Mies van der Rohe - International style

9/11 Memorial 

9/11 Memorial - public space

One World Trade Center - Freedom Tower next to the Memorial 

Did the Statue of Liberty's head fall off? 

Paley Park

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ithaca is Gorges

Ithaca is familiar. It is like the lovely town of Bellingham just two hours north of Seattle. I did my bachelors in Bellingham, and now Brenton is studying for his Master's in BioMed Engineering in this little town 4.5 hours northwest of New York City. It is good for us, getting out of the pacific northwest to live in a new part of this great country, where no one knows Pike Place or the Sculpture Park or the Space Needle. I am finishing my Master's in Seattle but Ithaca see you in January, see you in white. 

Farmer's market

river from Cayuga finger lake

Weill Hall where Brenton studies

Cornell campus on the hill 

bomb waffle maker and local maple syrup - our welcome home present

Gorges Gorges Gorges

Ithaca summer's night

Apartment at the back of the house - built in 1877 

swimming in Seneca Lake - finger lake

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Sketches from our travels - I tried to capture something significant to each place. 

Vals, Switzerland - small shed for hay

Copenhagen, Denmark - Nyhavn

Venice, Italy - view from the canal

Italy - abandoned chapel outside a modern shopping center 

Basel, Swizterland - wall mural

imagine that! 

Ronchamp, France - windows from Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut

Hvar, Croatia - Bougainvillea

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Norway (Part 2)

As we drove further North, I was struck by the similarity to the San Juan Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. The air became heavy with rain, just like an autumn morning on Decatur Island. I love stepping onto the front deck and taking a deep breath, sucking in the wonderful smells of the ocean. Ah, feels like home. The colors turned to lime green and grey, with a blue tint from the looming ocean. The water moved with its uncontrollable force, swallowing up all the creatures that live beneath. 

After we drove the Atlantic road, we returned inland to a more familiar Norwegian landscape. Is this photo not surreal? How can it be more beautiful than this. 

Camping and cooking, I swear food never tasted so good after long days of exploration. 

Romsdalseggen Hike from the town of Andalsnes

those colors!

Last stop in Europe - the beautiful city of Bergen

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where the mountain meets the sea (part 1)

Norway is bursting with beauty. Brenton and I rented a car, and drove north from Bergen to Molde over a period of 9 days. We camped for free along the side of the road, and enjoyed meals made on our handy camping stove. Bringing people to nature is what Norway is all about, and we took advantage of the tourist routes that speckle the country. 

Oslo Opera House by Snohetta - bringing the mountain to the city


New housing/office development in downtown Oslo - a slice of Japan if you ask me

Crossing a fjord

Urnes Stave Church - dated to 1130

first stop on the Aurlandsfjellet tourist route - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Jotunheimen National Park - hired guide to cross the glacier

Reindeer pavilion by Snohetta - snuggle up and build a fire

Lovely campsite at the road side - the sun fades at 11:30pm

Enjoying our cabin overnight stay - thanks Mari!

The authentic Norwegian Cabin Experience

Do you see Brenton? Amazing 2-hour driving detour

Very impressive waterfall and artwork! Brenton is standing next to a steel statue