Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maze and Marvel

Venice is the most beautiful city I have ever been too. There is a patina that lets you slip back to another time, and the romance of nostalgia is undeniable. There are many parts of the city that can be overwhelmingly filled with tourists, but if you can escape for the quieter locales, you will find a fluent history of houses that wear the mark of time. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Island Hop

Switzerland was all green and blue; Croatia is tan and deep turquoise. As the color palette changed, so did the food, weather, and people. We went from city Split to the island of Korcula, and finally the island of Hvar. It was torrential rains some days and nothing but sun other days. We swam in the clear waters, thick with salt, and lounged on the rocky shores very much enjoying our vacation. 

Town of Korcula

Korcula town was once completely surrounded by a sturdy rock wall to protect from outward attackers. The structures within this wall are laid out with a central spine with rows coming off of it. The rows are divided into 20' sections with 5' alleyways, to allow for sunlight yet protect from the harsh sea wind. It is very easy to navigate, and a visitor can easily understand the layout upon arrival. 

Rock wall and circular keep

Swimming in Korcula - aqua socks to protect from sea urchins

Crystal clear waters of  the Island of Hvar

Main harbor, Hvar

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lake Como Love

So happy to share that we are engaged! Brenton proposed when we were hiking near Lake Como in Italy. I had no idea it was happening and so shocked and happy I could barely say yes (totally burst into tears of joy)! He got the ring in Copenhagen and had been hiding it in our luggage. 

We are so thrilled and happy to start this chapter in our lives.  
Camping before the big surprise
View over Lake Como

Hiking up the ridge line

and through the forest spotted with sunlight

Looking over the hills of Lake Como area

And he pops the question!
Great day!!
Best hike of my life :) 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swiss Miss

We are making our way from rainy Lucerne through the 15km Gotthard tunnel. When it feels like we will never escape its grayness, we finally emerge on the other side to sun and Switzerland's resounding beauty.  The next two weeks we spent driving from architecture to mountain, seeing the countries finest contributions. 

Splugen Pass - from Italy to Switzerland

No, that is not our motorcycle  :)

Vals, Switzerland

Mountain huts made of wood and stone

Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor

Rock climbing in Magic Wood - Brenton rocks!!  

Our trusty portable life insurance

Saint Benedictine by Peter Zumthor

Like a boat hull, reaching outwards to sky and beyond

Hitching a ride on the First gondola in Grindelwald

The beautiful Eiger Mountain Trail