Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad welcome to Denmark! What a lovely trip! It flew by but the memories will last forever. I enjoyed every day immensely, and feel so incredibly lucky to have truly the world's best family. Thomas, we missed you mucho, keep saving for the next trip and we will come visit you in a far away place! Lots of love and beautiful weather over the seven days you were in Denmark. Thanks for a very special trip!

Copenhagen harbor

Hans Peter and Mereta at Tivoli!

Little Mermaid being little

Cherry blossoms - spring has arrived

the royal yacht

Nyhavn - harbor cruise


Holmen Island and School tour


Mom telling the police officer to take a hike

Welcome to Odense! 

Beautiful church in Odense

All smiles ... 

Hans Christian Andersen grew up at the end of this block

Ferry to Ærø

Stolling and Cycling

Welcome to Ærø

Parents are so cute! 

Ærø harbor

Lovely Danish lunch 

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