Sunday, March 16, 2014

Urban Block / Hybrid Buildings

"First, we try never to take down what is already there." -Jean Philippe Vassal

Location: City center of Copenhagen
Program: Park, food and goods market at ground floor / housing and hotel at upper levels
Prompt: The National Bank burns down. Purpose a new building concept while rethinking sustainable design strategy.
Aim: Maintain as much as possible after the "fire", likely the concrete and stone wall are relatively intact. The goal is the leave the massing of the building, while purposing a new program and reshape the interior spaces for permeability, access, and people-friendly use.

Danish National Bank - current condition
Bank after major fire - only the concrete structure and stone remain
Design proposal - leaving as much as possible and inserting boxes with programatic function 

Proposed facade 
Proposed plaza
Model in progress
Inserting programatic boxes - Market at ground floor 
Happy people!

Royal Academy of Fine Arts - KADK - Department 10
Six week studio project - group work with Giordana and Lena - go team! 

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