Monday, March 31, 2014

Turkish Food

There are so many delicious options but I only managed to photograph a select few...  distracted by the food! 

Dumplings in spicy cream sauce and Gozleme filled with spinach and feta
Yummy hummus
Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice
Pomegranates and Grapefruits 
Turkish Pastry Borek
Turkish Pizza with meat, cheese, and egg
Fried bread filled with delicious meat and onion
Fillings for the kebab
Turkish Delight comes in many flavors
Heaps of spices and tea

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Istanbul - the view from above

Sapphire Tower, built 2011, 856 feet
New development, new highways, new traffic in the Financial Center of Istanbul
The green patch in the center is a cemetery
Galata Tower, built 1348 
The old city -  close knit urban fabric
Walking around the top of the tower - you can see where the continents of Asia and Europe meet

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Details of a Canal

Big boats tying up to the wooden post across the pedestrian sidewalk. *Note* Bikes park everywhere!
Huge steel rings for the larger boats - one side of the canal has steel rings,  and the other side wooden posts.
Handrail and a duck!

This is the end of steel frame. I think it is there to prevent cars from going into the water in case of an accident. In the background, you can see a canal tour boat heading underneath the bridge, approximately 7'-0" clearance. 

Plaque commemorating the bridge.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Urban Block / Hybrid Buildings

"First, we try never to take down what is already there." -Jean Philippe Vassal

Location: City center of Copenhagen
Program: Park, food and goods market at ground floor / housing and hotel at upper levels
Prompt: The National Bank burns down. Purpose a new building concept while rethinking sustainable design strategy.
Aim: Maintain as much as possible after the "fire", likely the concrete and stone wall are relatively intact. The goal is the leave the massing of the building, while purposing a new program and reshape the interior spaces for permeability, access, and people-friendly use.

Danish National Bank - current condition
Bank after major fire - only the concrete structure and stone remain
Design proposal - leaving as much as possible and inserting boxes with programatic function 

Proposed facade 
Proposed plaza
Model in progress
Inserting programatic boxes - Market at ground floor 
Happy people!

Royal Academy of Fine Arts - KADK - Department 10
Six week studio project - group work with Giordana and Lena - go team! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Royal Ballet of Denmark

Manon in Copenhagen! Thank you ScanDesign for the ticket :)

"Experience a tale of passionate love, involving a young couple in a free fall; a couple whom only death can separate. Manon is the dramatic story of the beautiful, frivolous Manon, who falls head over heals in love with Des Grieux, a student. But her desire for the wealth and security offered by wealthy men persuades her to lead the student into ruin with her lies, resulting in deceit and even murder." - The Royal Danish Ballet website

courtesy of the Royal Danish Ballet

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

With light comes color

A beautiful sunny Sunday. Perfect to bike and get lost for a while. 

Kongens Have - Kings Park

in the spring light 

Kastellet - citadel 1662

walking atop the bastions

the famous little mermaid 

Frederik's Church known as The Marble Church 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Typical ________ in Kobenhavn

Some very nice standards

Lock and Seal - this window latch seals the window so it leaks less cold air
Apartment layout - light and air from two sides, two exits

Natural light in the stairwell. The light switch is on a timer, only in use when necessary.

Pine Flooring

Hygge - Danish word akin to coziness and staying indoors during the winter months = lots of candles

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amager Strandpark

Man-made bliss - cannot wait to frequent this huge sandy beach park in the summer time! 

Foggy day 
Walking and Bike path that follows the entire island
Bathing dock  

Off they go ah!  
Lovely brunch - thank you Camilla and Ben!