Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to Copenhagen

January 28 was the beginning of a seven month stay in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am studying architecture for five months at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), and then staying for the summer. So far, it is a lovely place to be! It is pretty far north, and light from 8 until 4:30pm, it feels like Seattle in December (rewind in time for me).
The city is getting snow, and it is bright paired with the white sky. It was really snowing yesterday on our tour of the city. The terrain is flat, and snow is no problem for them, even the bikers. People brave the weather and commute by bike. Hopefully I will be one of them in a few days!  Here are a few photos from my first days in the city.

walking home the first night

the canal by my school

walking tour outside the center of Kobenhavn

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