Friday, February 14, 2014


Strøget marks the beginning of København’s urban design strategy: Taming and controlling traffic, and reclaiming car streets to create quality pedestrian space. In 1962, the city established its first pedestrian only street, hotly contested at the time. The newspapers claimed the street was contrary to Scandinavian mentality, “we are Danes, not Italians,” and merchants worried patronage would decrease. From the first day, the car-free street was a huge success, providing a lovely reprieve from the overcrowded traffic in the city center. Located in the city center, Strøget has always been a primary shopping street. Today you can find high-end department stores, as well as small local shops, cafes, and performers. The street is a popular tourist attraction, and during the summer months, the stork fountain is a great spot for people watching. 

View from the 32'-0" wide walking street

Stork fountain, nice plaza for people watching

Axonometric drawing showing the character of the buildings and typical use
Zoomed out - transit diagram
Another plaza at the entrance of Strøget (pronounced Stroll)

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