Saturday, February 8, 2014


On Monday afternoon, I officially became a cyclist in København! I purchased a used bike for 700 krone, got the lights and the bell (both required by law), and off I went. It seems that everyone bikes here, because it is flat and the roads are designed for cyclists. There is a level for cars, a level for the bikes, and a level for the pedestrians. There is room to pass, so everyone can ride at their own speed.  The bikes are durable, with an internal hub so the salt/snow/water does not effect the gears. My professor did a presentation on Copenhagen, and included some numbers: inner city population is 550,000, inner city bikes 650,000. More bikes than people! 

Parking at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Informal parking in front of the grocery store

Typical street in section
Green so I can find my bike!
Saturday afternoon, not too many in front of
my house now. Yes! Easy to find a spot!

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