Sunday, February 16, 2014

Boat and Castle

Denmark's Maritime Museum by Bjarke Ingels Group - grand opening 2013
Diagram: Bridges spanning the dry dock which are connected to the museum's exhibits on the interior (also underground)

BIG model on exhibition
Walking the dry-dock
Auditorium on a bridge

Museum entrance - this is Denmark - kites, blonds, boats, perfection
Photographs of the building construction

Kronberg Castle, Helsingor - the oldest castle in the Nordic countries built in the 1420s by King Eric VII. It is located at the tip of Zealand Island and controlled the sea between Denmark and Sweden for hundreds of years, taxing every vessel to pass its waters. The castle was immortalized by William Shakespeare in the story of Hamlet, to be or not to be? That is the question.

Interior castle courtyard. Notice the missing fountain in the center? ya Sweden stole it.

King's dining chamber

Grand Hall

Carey, Jeff, Erica in the chapel

Built of brick and stone, clad in Sandstone during the Reniassance

These buildings are minutes from each other. They stand as ancient and contemporary examples of Danish Architecture and Design. It fascinating to see them juxtaposed against each other, both cultural attractions, and even offered together for a joint ticket price. The BIG museum is embracing the old dry-dock and showing off its rust and patina, while the castle is attempting to restore the facade and interior to its original appearance. It is amazing, the Kronberg Castle still exists because it is built of stone 3m thick walls. Is there any chance a contemporary building will survive 700 years? Slim, I would say. 

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