Friday, February 8, 2013

Torres de Satelite

The Towers of Satelite City by Luis Barragan and Mathias Goeritz lie on the outskirts of Mexico City, constructed in 1957. Five monoliths stand in the middle of a heavily trafficked highway. It is tricky to access but absolutely necessary for 15 architecture students, so over the highway and onto the scaffolding we went, on our way to an architectural fairytale.
Walking amongst the towers is like trekking with giants. The concrete pillars act as barriers to sounds and light, and when sheltered from the surroundings it is a pleasure to get lost in the personal space that is created. The towers change shape from every perspective, they stand as triangles but from certain angles appear as flat planes. The color and the texture vary too, originally intended to be painted a deep orange, the commission settled on red, yellow, blue and two shades of white.

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