Sunday, January 13, 2013

site of study

This is the study site in the Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood. It is an old chocolate factory, now abandoned. The studio project is adaptive reuse, 70% of the building footprint will remain. There is a central alley that splits the site, old brick and concrete buildings line either side. There are large atriums within the buildings, along with narrow spaces. It will be a great challenge to work within the framework of what is there. The program includes housing, restaurant, arts and crafts center, and some sort of sports facility. The site is so beautiful!

Narrow alley connecting to buildings
Main entrance

Largest room in the whole place..
Exposed structure 

Large tree in the central alley splitting the site
architects at work... 
dusty wall with marks where the tennis ball hits it - looks like a Monet
Elevation for with figure for reference  :)

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