Sunday, January 6, 2013

mi casa en mexico

 Welcome to Mexico! Today I started a study-abroad trip to Mexico City. While here, I will take intensive studio, history and documentation courses. The quarter is 9 weeks long and we can expect to be on-call 7 days a week. :)
8 (including myself) of my 16 classmates are living in the Roma neighborhood. It is very artsy and quaint, with lots of restaurants and pop up street vendors. There is a big park near by with many people on the sidewalk, and the streets are not too full of cars.
We live in a big house that is connected to a block full of 2-3 story buildings. There is retail at the bottom floor, and you go up a stair to a big main room, and to the right is our room!

The Jalapa House

Naomi and I live here! The "blue room" looks onto Jalapa Street

Main living room - you can see our door 

Open air atrium with translucent roof - right off the kitchen
and a great place to study or eat dinner

Courtyard at the back of the house
our block - Jalapa Street and Chihuahua