Thursday, November 17, 2011

Concrete Bench

Architecture school is awesome! Last week my lab partner and I cast a 150 pound concrete bench!

Formwork made from recycled plywood

Plywood reinforced with scrap wood 

Rebar to support the cantilevered seat. Yep, I made that.

Bennet and I mixed 2.5 60 lb bags of concrete with
water before it was enough to fill the form

Almost there!

Poured! Now we wait... one week until the form is revealed

Final product!


  1. I like concrete since Taiwan. But how do you sit on this?

  2. Haha. So funny that (1) I made this comment, (2) I don't remember making this comment at all, (3) that I perused your blog today and that this particular post caught my eye, apparently again?! and (4) that I was once again inspired to comment on it. It must really connect with me.

    Update your blog! Last post is 2017!